Nested If, then, CountIf formula


Hello, I am trying to create a nested If, CountIf formula, wherein the formula refers to a column and only counts status if that column is = to 1 of the 4 options. Then, ideally divide the # returned by the total to return the status over all %. 

For example if Column: Address is equal to: ABC Street, then Count Status column "In Progress" as 1 and then divide the total # of "In Progress" returned by 50 for total %  


  • Rebecca Provost

    I found the issue, the column had a space and I had not placed the brackets around it. I then created a separate column to perform the % complete equation and now have 2 widgets on the dashboard. 1) to show how many, as a # in each status stage and 2) the % complete for each status stage.

    =COUNTIFS(Address:Address, "ADC Street", [Application Status]:[Application Status], "In Progress")

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