Help w/formula to look across cells to determine True or False

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Hi folks - I have a sheet with over 100 columns and I need to look across the columns, that are all right next to each other, and determine if any of the cells has N/A or No - Fail in them.  There are 96 consecutive columns that I need to look across for that info and if the row cell has either N/A or No - Fail then mark the Defect column with a check mark.

I formatted the Defect column as check box and tried brute forcing the formula but I'm not having any success.

Start column name: Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)

End column name: All approvers listed in CLM approvals

96 total column to look in, including the start and end columns.

Formula I tried that isn't working:

=IF([Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)]@row:[All Approvers listed in CLM Approvals]@row, "N/A" OR "No - Fail", 1))

Appreciate any guidance you can provide.



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