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IF Statement to populate cell based on Check Box & Text in same row cells

Suzanne Eger
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Hello Smartsheet Community Members!


Is it possible to write an IF statement to populate text from one cell in the row into another cell in the row ONLY IF a particular box is check in the same row? 


To put this into context, I would like to display key text onto a project Sight on a regular basis without the PM having to manully update the sight either by repointing a metric widget to a new cell each week or by manually entering Rich Text -


In particular, I am creating Issues/Risk/Management Asks Log sheet to maintain a running log of these items and would like to highlight on the project Sight any current issues, risks and management asks - WITHOUT having to repoint my metric widget each time or update a Rich Text. My desired approach (unless there is a better way to do this) is to set up my sheet with a column for Issue/Risk, a column for Management Ask, a check-box column (indicating to include on the Sight if the box is checked) and two columns on my sheet that will auto-populate with the issue/risk text or management ask text from, but only if the cell with the check-box is checked. I also have a Date Identified column as well (amongst some additional columns).


I am not sure how to write the IF statement to account for YES, Box is Checked AND include the text from Column "Management Ask" (or the Issues/Risk column, respectively - these will be two distinct formulas). 


Any help is greatly appreciated!


Suzanne Eger


  • Suzanne,

    Hopefully I understood your question right.

    In the column you are trying to autopopulate your answer to, put one of these formulas (depending on whether it is for you Issue/Risk or Management Ask column).


    =IF(Checkbox1 = 1, [Issue/Risk]1, " ")


    =IF(Checkbox1 = 1, [Management Ask]2, " ")


    If the checkbox is checked then it will put whatever information you have in the Issue/Risk or Management Ask column into the column with the formula. If the checkbox isn't checked, it will keep it blank.


    Hopefully this helps.



  • Suzanne Eger
    edited 01/30/17



    You are a R*O*C*K*S*T*A*R  - Thank you!



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