vlookup with id and date range

Cheryl Hishmeh
Cheryl Hishmeh ✭✭✭
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I am super thrilled that I have mastered a formula that originated in Ecwid, used zapier to populate a smartsheets and then with a sumif in my smartsheets row I matched the participant id and date range to plug a payment in for a participant in our program. I want to pull the associated payment number/Ecwid Id into the same row as a reference. I am having a hard time figuring it out. It is true that there could be multiple payments in one week, so I could concatenate the payment numbers from Ecwid.

HELP. Can I reference the same rows that the sumif came from some how?

Here is my sumif: =SUMIFS({Square Payments Range 2}, {Square Payments Range 1}, [Participant ID]749, {BIP Online Payments Range 1}, <=[Group Date]749, {BIP Online Payments Range 1}, >([Group Date]749 - 7))

Not sure how to share the sheets without also sharing all the data? Thank you for all the help you might offer.


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