RIGHT and/or LEFT functions to parse characters from a string



I have a problem with parsing some characters from the URLs in one cell to another cell using the RIGHT and LEFT functions. I am not sure this is even the best way to do it, but it seems like I should be able to nest these in such a way that I get the result I need.


I have one column that has URLs, and within those URLs are ID#s that I want to pull out into another column. Unfortunately, some of the URLs place the ID# to the right of some text, and others place the ID# to the right of a different delimiter.


URL 1: lala.com/3hdiui8GH74l09dAAA. <- ID# is the first 15 characters (out of 18) to the right of ".com/"

URL 2: lala.com/cups/hgts?id=3hdiui8GH74l09d <- ID# is the 15 characters to the right of "id=" (or, last 15 characters)

The string could either have example URL1, or URL2 so I need to have a formula that tests one argument and returns the ID if true, or if false tests the second argument and returns the ID. I tried to run a LEFT function with a IF CONTAINS to test for the "id=" text, then RIGHT 15 but I am running into problems. Does anyone have any experience with this?


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  • Julie Hinton

    @David Joyeuse that worked! I had to make one small adjustment (added "m/" and +2 to account for / found earlier in the URL) but this did exactly what I needed it to!

    =IF(FIND("=", [URL]@row)>0, RIGHT([URL]@row, 15), MID([URL]@row, FIND("m/", [URL]@row)+2, 15))

    I need to learn a lot more about MID and FIND, I am more used to using CONTAINS functions to work with problems like this.

    Thanks so much!

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