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Hi all,

Did any find a good solution for zooming the Gantt at its exact size? For most of my projects the zoom function works quite ugly: Zoom Out has a tendency of cramming everything on the left while Zoom In pushes the timeline outside the visible screen.

The only workaround I found was to drag the separator left/right but is there an option or a function like Zoom-to-Project (like in MSP)?



  • Ben Goldblatt

    Hi @Mihai Nedelcu,

    The zoom levels on a Gantt chart are tied to the "Primary" and "Secondary" Timeline Display settings for Weeks, Months, Quarters, and Years.

    As you found, zooming out will shorten the task bars and zooming in will expand them. Other than playing around with your browser's zoom levels to scale the size of the sheet, these are the zoom options currently available in the application. Note that if you do change your browser's zoom level to above or below 100%, you may experience row misalignment or a popup message stating "Your browser's zoom setting is not fully supported."

    More information on adjusting a Gantt timeline and changing browser zoom levels can be found in the following Help articles:

    I'm not familiar with the Zoom-to-Project feature in Microsoft Project, but if this gives you the functionality you're looking for there, I highly recommend Submitting a Product Enhancement Request fr this to be considered as a possibility for future development in Smartsheet.



  • Mihai Nedelcu

    Hi @Ben G ,

    I tinkered with those settings for a while now and there is no chance to Zoom the whole project at the right level (see attachments). IMHO this should've have been one of the easiest and basic functions in visualizing and assessing the Gantt.

    I will submit a PER and keep my fingers crossed but none of my proposals had any echo in Smartsheet's ears so ...



  • dizzy_brain
    dizzy_brain ✭✭✭

    Zoom is incredibly bad in Smartsheet. I just started using it (free trial) and cannot believe we can only have e.g. 4 months then jump to 2.5 years! I want options like: this year (i.e. 12 months), 3 months, 6 months, etc. Ability to show Gantt charts was the reason I am considering paying for Smartsheet but this is now making me hesitate.

  • Jimw
    Jimw ✭✭

    I think this should be a feature priority to be able to finely adjust zoom including 'fit to screen'. It does not make for a viable way to show enough detail on the gantt view when looking at the entire project. It should not be dependent on the timeline settings for day, week, month, year but should auto adjust based on what space is available. I'm frankly quite disappointed that this is not available and significantly diminishes the benefit of a gantt feature.

  • ScottZT
    ScottZT ✭✭

    For years I've suffered with the ridiculously coarse and uneven zoom levels in Smartsheet's Gannt charts. No more, I'm now raising my hand to say it's 2023 and we should have far more granularity in zoom levels on a Gannt chart view!

    Ideally a zoom slider tool (like, for example in MS Word and Excel) rather than fixed increments. Twice the number of levels would be good, but really it should be at minimum 3-4x the levels of granularity than what exists today, if a zoom slider cannot be developed.

    Let me express it in terms of how much time (schedule time in the Gannt chart) fits in 2" of screen width (the 2" is arbitrary and not what's important):

    • Fully zoomed out, I see about 18 months - i.e. 1.5 years - shown/labeled as quarters (Q1, Q2, etc)
    • 1st level zoom in: about 6.5 months (roughly 2.8x zoom from above 0 level zoom)
    • 2nd level zoom in: about 1 month (roughly 6.5x zoom from above 1st level zoom)
    • 3rd level (max) zoom in: 10 days (roughly 3x zoom from above 2nd level zoom)

    Sorry, but that doesn't cut it -- the jump between 1st and 2nd level is massive (6.5x) and inconsistent with the other zoom levels. That's where the huge problem lies - every time I go from 1st to 2nd level zoom, it's jolting, frustrating, enormously dissatisfying, and therefore it's a tremendous disruption to my work flow! Is this how you want customers to feel using Smartsheet?!

    Thank you for prioritizing this change, which should not be a terribly difficult one to make.

  • Mihai Nedelcu

    I don't think Smartsheet will ever implement this feature and I am starting phasing it out as a PM software becasue of this and many other quirks which should be the norm in 2023.

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