Count number of registrants from each company


I feel like I'm missing an obvious function here. I'm using smartsheet to register attendees for a virtual event. I'd like to add a chart on my dashboard that shows the number of registrants from each company. I know how to do a count if function but I don't want to do one for each of the dozens of companies we have registering. It also does not make sense to do a sort and parent function since new registrations are coming in daily and new companies being added. If I were using excel, I would do a sort by company and then a subtotal at each change in company name. How can I extract similar data in smartsheet to then use to create a chart?


  • MCorbin
    MCorbin Overachievers Alumni

    If you have the Pivot App, that would be a great use for it.

    Without the Pivot App, you need to make a metrics sheet - and use the CountIF function for each company


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