How to track changes via a report for a single cell in a schedule?



I have a large construction schedule sheet that I will require updates to "Start" and "Finish" dates. To better coordinate with our project controller, I would like to create a report that shows modified dates within the past week. I currently have a report (see attached picture), that pulls the modified column based on the last seven days and then shows the "Start" and "Finish" columns which were added with the "Columns" button. However, this picks up ANY change made to that item which there are numerous other columns associated to that row. Is there anyway to filter the data to ONLY show when the "Start" and/or "Finish" date were modified versus any?

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  • Jennifer Greenough
    Jennifer Greenough Overachievers Alumni


    From the use case you describe, I think you may want to employ Automations rather than a report. As you note, you can create a report that returns any row that has any cell modified in the last 7 days with a number of filters, but as far as I'm aware the criteria cannot filter specific columns modified in a timeframe. If someone else is aware of how to do this using a report I'd love to learn!

    Using Automations an immediate, daily, or weekly notification can be sent to you/your controller based on certain fields changing. Smartsheet released new features last week that allow you to include links to the sheet and all fields, just certain fields, or just the message when those trigger. If you want your controller to do something when he/she/they receives this information you could use an Update request or approval workflow rather than just a notification. Training on Automations is here in case you need it.


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