Smartsheet functionality for project mgt- (need key elements like MS project)


Can smart sheet show Critical path on the list view? (not just gant).  

Can smartsheet show successes not just predecessors.

Can smartsheet show start slack (which is a measure of how far away a task is from becoming on the critical path

Can I enter duration in Wks, Months, qtrs? only seems to be in days.


  • Ben Canning

    Hi Gregory, thanks for the question.

    Critical Path in the grid view - you can create a filter to do this:

    Durations in Months - we support days and weeks. So 2w will get you 2 weeks. We don't support months, which seems dumb, so I'm gonna go poke the team about it.

    Successors and Slack - not yet, but it's on the roadmap of things we plan to do. We're focused on delivering baselines first.

  • Gregory Renga

    Thanks Ben,

    i would ask if you can have the critical path turn red on the grid view. (without filtering) Like on the gantt view you can turn it on or off. This is very helpful for Large projects where the gantt view is too complex and busy. if you dont have that feature it would be VERY good to have.


  • Dan Turro

    Upvote on the successors being shown as a priority, getting a lot of feedback on this from my organization, thanks!

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