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View your Card View by Assigned To


I think I have found a novel way of using an Assigned to column that has a contact list column property as the lanes in Card View, BUT I wanted to check with the community if this approach wont cause problems.  

What I do is when I want to view my Card View by all the people in lanes to whom I have assigned tasks but to do this you need the "assigned to" column to be a drop down box type instead.  

I then TEMPORARILY change the column type property to "Dropdown list" and then use the card view and then I revert the column property back to "contact list".  


This seems to work well but before I tell other team members to use this approach, I wanted to double check with others that this approach wont cause issues.  Any feedback anyone?





  • J. Craig Williams
    J. Craig Williams ✭✭✭✭✭✭



    You might lose your email addresses.

    I'm not sure about that.


    Since you are already OK with some manual effort, here is my suggestion


    1. Create a new column. Start with a Text/Number column type.

    2. In the column, equate to your Assigned To column


    =[Assigned To]23


     for row 23.

    This will pick up the name from the contact list type column.


    3. Save the sheet,

    4. Change the new column to a Dropdown List type.

    It will pre-populate with the values it finds in the column.


    Now you can use it for your Card View.

    If / when you add new users:

    1. Change to Text/Number.

    2. Save

    3. Change to Dropdown List


    and you are good to go again.



  • Robin Sherwood



    This has been one of our most requested card view features since we launched. I am happy to say we will be releasing explict support for contact lists in card view in February. Your approach would drop the email addresses and the formula approach works OK, but you can't really drag cards from lane to lane without messing up the formula. Both require lots of manual steps, which isn't great. 


    The new feature basically allows you to define drop down options for contact lists, which can be used in the grid view as well. Say you only have 5 people on your team but 30 people shared to the sheet. You can add your 5 team mates as contact list options and they will show up as lanes in the card view, now you can assigne people tasks in card view. You can even create generic options like "Pending" or "TBD" as place holders until they can be assgined to a specific individual. 



  • DeanLane

    Hi, Im still having issues with this feature. I have a column that is labeled assigned to. the property is a contact list... and I have at least 7 people's emails in the right-hand side of the property box. Allow multiple has been checked. 

    I do not see View by: Assigned to as an option in the card view dropdown. I have also tried creating a new column with a dropdown multiple select columns and that also does not display in the view by dropdown.

    Any help here is greatly appreciated.


  • Robin Sherwood

    Card view does not support "allow multiple" for contact columns. If you uncheck this then the View By menu will show a lane for each person. 

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