formula to populate due dates

basically I want my due date to be based of off the status below:

  • Bar layout needed – 2 days
  • Concept – 5 days
  • Design changes – 3 days
  • Assembly reviews – 1 day
  • Concept – 5 days

so I was trying something like this:

=IF([Status] = “Bar Layout Needed”, =TODAY()+2 workday

I am just trying to get one of them to work first then i can string them all together...I think i'm close just looking for someone to help get me there.


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  • dues99
    dues99 ✭✭

    Your first formula works nicely...but will that date change tomorrow? So when I open smart sheet up tomorrow and refresh, will the due date now be 10/10 for the bar layout? I want it to be static and not refresh unless the status changes.

  • Ramzi K
    Ramzi K ✭✭✭✭✭


    Yes, the function Today() will be the current day each day. So if you need a static date, you will need a reference date for change. One way to do it is to add a system date to your sheet and reference that.

    Does that make sense?



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  • dues99
    dues99 ✭✭

    That almost worked. Now whenever I change anything on that line, it updates the modified(date) column....I only want the modified date column to trigger when the "status" is changed, is that possible?

  • dues99
    dues99 ✭✭

    We were very close on this, is there anything that I can do to isolate modified by to a single column?

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