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Very poor performance/speed of Smartsheet

My Smartsheet has been running SOOO slowly for about 5 days. It's  a nightmare. Can barely work. I am located in New Zealand. Any ideas or tips anyone? Have already had our IT team check my laptop. Only Smarthseet that is a problem. Any advice gratefully received! I have deadlines approaching and Smartsheet is practically unusable.

Note - I also have Smartsheet for work (separate log in), same laptop, and am used to much better performance from the tool.


  • Bec Holdsworth
    edited 02/05/17

    Actually I have just noticed my work version (Team Licence) is working fine - usual, expected speed. It is just the new Individual licence I bought to accommodate the planning needs of a charity I volunteer at which is super slow. Is there are problem that I have two accounts? Or is the speed of an individual licence purposely reduced?

  • Hi Bec,


    We don't cap or impose any sort of performance limitations on an individual plan. It's likely that this performance issue is caused by other factors:

    -Network Speed—If you access the individual plan from a different network connection, it's possible that the other network's connection isn't as strong as your normal network connection with your team plan. You might need to use Smartsheet with a different network to fix this.

    -Network Interference—If you don't think speed itself is the issue, it's still possible that your network connection is causing interference between your computer and Smartsheet servers. This may be happening when you use the Individual account and not when you log in to your team account. You'll need to work with your IT team in order to troubleshoot what security may be on the network that could block or interfere with the connection.

    -Advanced Functionality—It's possible that in your Individual account, you're using sheets that heavily rely on formulas, conditional formatting, or are large in size. You'll need to break your sheets up into smaller logical volumes to fix this.


    If the above doesn't help, email our Support team (support@smartsheet.com)

  • Gwyneth C
    Gwyneth C ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Hi Bec,


    One additional way to contact support: you can use the Contact Us form in the Help Center (make sure to use the email address that's associated with the account you want help with). 





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