COUNTIF Date is the same in 2 different columns


I would like to COUNTIF the date in "Start date" and "End date" columns, on the same sheet, are the same.

It was quite simple to do it in an extra column per row:

=COUNTIF([End date]1, [Start date]1)

But would need to expand every time a row is added.

Unfortunately, even after looking on the forum I didn't succeed to make for all rows in the sheet summary, without the extra column.

Is it a solution?


  • David Tutwiler
    David Tutwiler Overachievers Alumni

    If you change the format to @row and copy the formula all the way down it should work. Also, depending on the plan you're on, you could turn it into a column formula.

    =COUNTIF([End date]@row, [Start date]@row)

  • Hi David, and thank you.

    Found the @row benefit in the meantime and how to apply the formula to the column.

    Was just curious about having a way to put directly a formula in the sheet summary.

    For now I just created a formula with COUNTIF using the result from the extra, helper, column.

  • David Tutwiler
    David Tutwiler Overachievers Alumni

    Ah. For that I think you would do:

    =COUNTIF([End date]:[End date], [Start date]:[Start date])

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