Smart Sheets Form to check if a cell is blank or has a value.

I'm using a Form to enter a daily count by selecting a date and entering a donation value for that day. The form(s) default to one of four locations. When the date is entered for a default location I want to check to see if the cell to be populated is empty or has a value. This would eliminate duplicates.

I have a columns for Date, Location, and Donations (numerical value).

Is there a way to validate if a cell (Donations) is empty or populated based on the Date and Location columns?

I am very new to Smart Sheets and this is my first Form.

Thank you!

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  • Thank you for the fast reply.

    If the cell is blank it returns a 1. Is there a way to return the value that is in the cell instead of the 0?

  • Thank you, David.

    What I working on is having the end user enter a donation total for an entered date. I would like the form to "check" if the donation cell is empty or already populated. The end users form is set to default to his/her location and when they selects a date I want the Form to allow or not allow the donation total to be entered based on if it is empty or populated.

    Is this something SS can do?

    Can you suggest a solution?

    Thx in advance,


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