why does "ss_client.models.ContainerDestination({" cause an error?

import json
import os
import requests
from datetime import date
import warnings
from SSToken import MyToken #MyToken

from simple_smartsheet import smartsheet
from simple_smartsheet.models import Sheet, Column, Row, Cell, ColumnType
MyShtIDNo = xxx
folderID = xxx
new_sheet_name = xxx
ss_client = smartsheet.Smartsheet(MyToken)
inc_list = ["data"]
response = ss_client.Sheets.copy_sheet(MyShtIDNo,
                                 "destination_type": "folder",
                                 "destination_id": folderID,
                                 "new_name": new_sheet_name}),
new_sheet = response.result

not sure I need my last line of code, working from https://stackoverflow.com/questions/51479985/copy-a-sheet-in-smartsheet-using-python-api.

Trying to copy a sheet with its data

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