Referencing data in another sheet when other sheet is continually expanding in an IF(AND situation

Sorry if my question is too simple but this is an important bit of coding. I am referencing a continually expanding sheet what would be the coding like:

Quarter1 is calculated in the Summary Sheet of the current sheet. Current Quarter1 is 04-2020.

I want to check if a value in a pad in a sheet (Well Pad List) matches a pad inspected in Pad Inspection Report Sheet.

=IF(AND(Combine Loc & Name1={Pad Inspection Report Sheet 7-7 2 [Combine Loc & Name]:[Combine Loc & Name]}, Quarter1= {Pad Inspection Report Sheet 7-7 2 [QTRfiscal]:[QTRfiscal}, 1,0)

Very Much Appreciated. Very important cell calculation.


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