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I struggling with creating a formula that flags at risk if End Date is within 3 days or past, if Corrective Action is checked, and Review Status is not Complete. Basically if Corrective Action is not checked or Complete is selected, no flag, otherwise if End Date is within 3 days or in the past At Risk is flagged. I've tried so many different combinations and just can't get what I need.

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  • Andy Grunhovd

    @Purnima (Cierr)

    Wow, that's awesome and unfortunately way more than I really need or could use. I was able to make it work based on what you sent though. This is what I came up with. I forgot to mention that I am also counting the flagged for metrics and I only need those flagged, or at risk, counted.

    =IF(AND([End Date]@row < TODAY(-3), NOT([Review Status]@row = "Complete")), 1, 0)

    Thank you!

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