What criteria use to determine a "current user".


I have a report that surfaces information based on a current user filter. It is filtered on a contact column. The issue is, my users are all over the map with logon ids. We have two sets of emails in my company, internal and external. They all map to the same email client, so to the user it is transparent. In addition some users are built into our official company user container, and others are 'guests' even through they are employees. To add to the fun, some users have multiple identities under the same email address. One is FirstName LastName and the other is FirstName MiddleName LastName or sometimes it is Nickname LastName.

I get constant calls from users saying certain items are not on their dashboards - because the current user is not matching the contact.

So what exactly does smartsheet compare when it performs the current user filter. What must match for the current user to be true.

I wish there was a way to see this information for a user, even if I had to ask the user to retrieve it for me.



  • Erin Greunke

    Hi @David Dolch,

    Current user is the person viewing the sheet and is based on the email address that that person used to sign in to Smartsheet. So, whatever email address they are logged into Smartsheet with will affect what they are able to view.

    I'd recommend troubleshooting the dashboard issue by double-checking how your actual report widget is set-up on the dashboard. There's a detailed article "Control Widget Content When Source Is From a Report" that goes over how to check it and also more info on working with the Current User filter.

    Erin Greunke
    Sr. Program Manager, Smartsheet Beta Programming

  • David Dolch
    David Dolch ✭✭✭✭✭

    I have reviewed the setting on the widget. The problem seems to stem from the users license status.

    We have a number of unlicensed users. An unlicensed user cannot surface this data. I can go into the report and set it so it shows all users, then have an unlicensed user come directly into the report and view it, and they see nothing. They see other reports just fine. It is the report that was originally keyed to a user that is showing up with no data.

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