Hi, i'm trying to do a simple COUNTIF for one column, to see how many of each group exist

I'm trying to pull how many of each group are listed in the column Current Owner, and keep returning a message of #blocked.

=COUNTIFS([Current Owner]:[Current Owner], "PDT", "Team Healy")



  • John Jonassen
    John Jonassen ✭✭✭✭

    You have one too many criterion for the one column you are referencing, OR you are missing a column reference.

    Are PDT and Team Healy within the same Current Owner column? If so, then you could do a =COUNTIF([Current Owner]:[Current Owner], "PDT")+COUNTIF([Current Owner]:[Current Owner],"Team Healy")

    If either PDT or Team Healy are in different columns then you will need to add that other column in your COUNTIFS, so it would be =COUNTIFS([Current Owner]:[Current Owner], "PDT",[The other column]:[The other column], "Team Healy")

    Does that make sense?

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