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Hi All,

I am hitting a wall with adding isblank into my formula. I currently am tracking total number of days from project requested to completed. If the value is 0 I want the field to be blank. How do I combine the two?

=SUM([Project Complete Date]@row - [Project Requested]@row)


  • SoS | Dan Palenchar
    SoS | Dan Palenchar ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    I would suggest using

    =IFERROR(IF(NETDAYS([Project Requested Date]@row, [Project Complete Date]@row) - 1 = 0, "", NETDAYS([Project Requested Date]@row, [Project Complete Date]@row) - 1), "N/A")

    The NETDAYS function calculates the number days between two dates, it returns 1 if the dates are the same so this formula is adjusted to subtract one day. If both date fields are not added with actual dates, an #INVALID DATE TYPE error would show, so the IFERROR portion causes this situation to return "N/A" which just looks a little nicer.

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