Can I count cells in a range that are not blank?


Hello! I'm trying to count cells in a continuous range that have any value in them. I have tried:

=COUNTIFS([Step 1]@row:[Step 4]@row, NOT(ISBLANK([Step 1]@row:[Step 4]@row))) which resulted in an incorrect argument.

=SUM(COUNTIF([Step 1]@row, NOT(ISBLANK([Step 1]@row))), COUNTIF([Step 2]@row, NOT(ISBLANK([Step 2]@row)))) which resulted in a value of 0, even though both of the cells were not blank.

=COUNTIF([Step 1]@row, NOT(ISBLANK([Step 1]@row))) also resulted in 0 even though there is a value in [Step 1].

Does anyone have a way to make this work? Thanks!


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