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RYG Formula...

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Looking for assistance. I am looking for a formula that adds the total number of individually RYG in a column that automatically populates a separate cell in a separate column. Any guidance would be appreciated. Thanks. - Erik



  • Jason
    Jason Employee

    Hi Erik


    Try this formula


    =COUNTIF(Symbol:Symbol, ="Red") + COUNTIF(Symbol:Symbol, ="Yellow") + COUNTIF(Symbol:Symbol, ="Green")


    Where "Symbol" is the name of your RYG column. 

  • Pranav
    edited 02/09/17

    Need Help !!


    I need help to build the formula as follow:


    When I change Column B to (InProgress, Complete, or Risk) My Column A will change to (Red, Yellow, or Green).




    If there are any Red in the children, I want to show Red in the parent,

    If there are no Red but there are Yellow in the children, Show Yellow in the parent.

    If there are no Red or Yellow but there is Green in the children, Show Green in the parent.


    Following drop down list are under Column B.


    In Progress = Yellow

    Complete = Green


    Risk = Red


    Thanks in advance!!!

  • Thanks everyone. Worked perfectly!

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