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As a Project Manager I would like to report total scheduled hours per week for an individual team member. Does anyone know how I can go about doing that in SmartSheet in a way that will update if the project plan is updated? I would prefer if this was performed in a separate sheet instead of the project schedule.

For example, if a project plan had two team members, one of which had a task scheduled to start and end this week with an estimated effort of 2 hours, and another task scheduled to start this week and end next week with an estimated effort of 12 hours (image 1), I would want the report to reflect 8 estimated for the team member this week and 6 hours for next week (image 2).

Image 1

Image 2


  • David Tutwiler
    David Tutwiler Overachievers Alumni

    You're looking at a fairly sophisticated setup as far as tying your formulas together. My solution suggestion is more philosophical than anything. I'd start making several "helper" columns that you can hide after you get your formulas working. Break the problem down into simpler problems and handle them one at a time. From there you can tie your results together in a more complicated manner.

    I would also suggest looking into 10,000ft. It's a resource management platform Smartsheet purchased last year and has a direct tie-in to Smartsheet.

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