Resource management


I was trying to use the resource management function of Smartsheets, but that really is not giving me what I want and it is pulling from sheets the Assigned To is on, but I do not want to include in my resources.

So I thought I might be able to create a formula.

My Assigned to person has

40 estimated hours of work

Actual hours worked (not really relevant)

Will start on January 1

She will be able to dedicate 30% of her time and will be on vacation a week

I need to get an end date of the project (based on the criteria above) and be able to roll up and see resources at a glance - this person is on 4 projects, coming close to the end of 2 projects and can we add her to another project at this time and what is the time frame. My boss wants this done in Smartsheets - I know I can do it in Project. Thank you


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