Counting days worked over a specified date range?

Is there a way to count the number days spent on a task within a specified date range? For example, in the first line of this image, I want to count 3 days spent in the week of August 30, and 1 day spent in the week of September 6. I'm trying to create a summary of how many days were spent on a task over any given week.


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    On the image I see two lines with 2 working days allocated for each in August and 5 days allocated in September on task 2. I am not sure why you need to count 3 days in the week of August 30. That may help with giving you the correct formula.

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  • Hello @Helen Meng ,

    If possible, please can you describe the requirements in a little more detail?

    If you'd like to extract the amount of days between 2 different dates, such as the Start and End date, you could use a Formula such as =Finish@row - Start@row. Please see my example below.

    Please note that I added an extra column to extra the days between both of these dates.



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