Showing % Complete of Children Rows to Parent

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I am managing projects that are made up of parent, children and grandchildren rows (tasks that make up the projects). I would like to count the tasks that make up a project and then count how many are complete to communicate % of project complete to our business leaders. Is this possible using some form and variation of count(children) countif?


  • David Joyeuse
    David Joyeuse ✭✭✭✭✭

    Hi @Suzi Culbert

    Yes that is possible, though the real formula will vary depending of how your complete column is constructed (% or symbol type, mostly).

    But if you're working with symbol type column to define if a task is complete or not, it should be this:

    =COUNTIFS(CHILDREN([Complete Column]@row), 1) / COUNT(CHILDREN())

    Watchout when working with Descendants (ie: grandchildren), using the DESCENDANTS function will calculate children and grandchildren in the parent row. So stick to CHILDREN to make it so grandchildren are not counted twice in the parent row.

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