Need help in setting SAML SSO for Transform Holding Cooperation



We need to setup SAML SSO between THC and smartsheet. For this we need below mentioned details.

Request you to please provide the same :

 • XML metadata for their assertion consumer service (ACS),

• a list of the LDAP attributes to be sent (if any. e.g.: givenName, sn, mail, uid, etc.),

• which attribute is to be used as the subject of the assertion,

• the RelayState URL at the relying party site to send the user after the SAML Response assertion has been validated

Please note : We have a custom build IdP solutoins adopted from SimpleSAMLPhp. It's Based on SAML2.0


  • Genevieve P.

    Hi @Priyanka Chhikara

    The Smartsheet online Community is a public forum and will be unable to help you set up your SAML SSO as this is specific to your account & organization. I've checked in with our Support team and it looks like you're working through your questions with them, which is great! Working with Support or your Customer Success manager is the best way to proceed, as you can share sensitive data with them and they can provide you with one-on-one, private support.



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