Using a countif formula across sheets


I keep getting different error messages when I try to use a countif that draws from different sheets. My goal is to keep a running count of how many calls each team-member has taken this year. We usually use up to 4 sheets a year tracking calls and I want to track the total number. This is what I am entering: ="Bocquet =" + COUNTIFS({7.1 Staff}, "Bocquet", {7.2 Staff}, "Bocquet") and I am given the 'incorrect argument' message, when I add brackets,="Bocquet =" + COUNTIFS({7.1 Staff}, "Bocquet", [{7.2 Staff}, "Bocquet"]), I get the 'unparseable' message. Does anyone see my errors? Can this be done?

Thank you all in advance, the community has never let me down!

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