Status change formula using IF function


I have a status column that I would like to set up a formula in to do two things

a) Change status to "Needs Update" when a date in a date column is reached

b) Change status to "Prequalified" when three checkbox columns are all chacked

Here is the formula I have so far:

=IF([Expiration Date]@row = TODAY(), "Needs Update", ""), IF([Safety Review Complete]@row = 1, "Prequalified", ""), IF([Financial Review Complete]@row = 1, "Prequalified", ""), IF([Contracts Review Complete]@row = 1, "Prequalified", "")

The first part of the formula works and status changes to "Needs Update" when singled out. But when put together it comes out to #Unparseable.

Am I using the correct function and order? Is there an easier way to do this. Please help!

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