I am trying to create a Dashboard that will collect Vendor expirations ... 60 Days, 30 Days, Expired


I do not know the formula to create the answers. Can anyone help?


  • Genevieve P.

    Hi @Lisa Baldacci

    What is the end goal that you would like to see on your Dashboard? Are you looking to display the rows that meet your criteria (ex. all rows that say "Expired", or the Company Name that's associated with an expired date)?

    Or are you looking for a count of each of these criteria in order to display a number on your Dashboard? If you're looking for a number, do you just want to display this as a number in a Metric Widget, or are you looking to create a chart?

    Knowing what your end goal is will help determine if you need a formula and where this formula will be created (ex. in the Sheet Summary section of your sheet for a Metric widget or in a separate, helper sheet using cross-sheet formulas).

    Now, if you are looking for a formula to COUNT the rows that match your criteria, could you be specific as to what you're looking to count? Which column or date should we be looking at? (I see two different date columns in that screen capture).

    With this information we could build a formula such as this:

    =COUNTIF([General Liability Expiration]:[General Liability Expiration], <TODAY())

    This will count call the cells in the [General Liability Expiration] column that have a date in the past, or less than Today. Let me know if this is the type of formula you're looking for and I'm happy to help further.



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