Can someone supply the proper syntax for calculating both budget and schedule variance?

Need to determine the budget percentage variance bewteen estimated and actual costs. In addition, need to do someting similiar for project schedule variance. Need the exact syntax for a column formula, apparently I am doing something wrong.


  • Hello @Jon Mallek ,

    If I understand correctly, you'd like the percentage difference between two values. Please see my example below:

    This is the Formula I used: =([Actual Cost]@row - [Estimated Cost]@row) / [Estimated Cost]@row

    Here are the results:

    Let me know if you have any questions!



  • Should @row be @row5 if the calculation is being done on the 5th row? I still can't get it to work, keep get #Unparseable. I also want to calculate the percentage variance between the two numbers.

  • Hey @Jon Mallek ,

    You could use =([Actual Cost]5 - [Estimated Cost]5) / [Estimated Cost]5 for the 5th Row, but @row can be copy and pasted into each cell required, and it will calculate the variance of the numbers on the row that its being used on.

    You may be getting unparseable as the Column Names I have in my Example may differ from what you currently have within yours.



  • That's what I thought at first, but I actuallly changed the column names to match yours. Very strange....

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