Parent function accross sheets

I have a sheet where I am adding some codes, for which I would like to see automatically in the next cell the category for which this code belongs. These categories are established in ANOTHER sheet, i.e., a list of categories with indented rows that contain mentioned codes.

Something like this:

Sheet 1: "Categories", in blue the category, in blank the code.

Sheet 2:

In sheet 2, in the column "Category" I would like to see "ABCD" but I'm getting #UNPARSEABLE. Can you please tell me if you see the error?

Also {Sheet 1} in the formula refers to the range selected in "Sheet 1" which is the entire column where "ABCD" is.

Many thanks.


  • Leslie R
    Leslie R Employee

    Hello @Karla Reyes,

    Currently, Smartsheet does not support the functionality of referencing Parent, Children, or Ancestor functions in a cross sheet formula. This would be an excellent feature to develop. If you have a moment, you may want to submit an Enhancement Request to our Product Enhancement team to let them know you would like to see this capability.

    As an alternative, you might want to consider adding a helper column where you can enter a formula to reference the Parent row of the Project # column.

    =PARENT([Project #]@row)

    This will result in the value entered in the parent row for the Project # column being returned in the helper column. You can then reference the helper column in your cross sheet v-lookup formula.

    I hope this helps in returning the value you're wanting to see in your cross sheet formula!



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