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Hi. I am trying to calculate the number of workdays between 2 dates. I have a table on a different sheet showing my complete project calendar differentiating between Workdays, Non-Workdays and Holidays (see below):

Any ideas on how I should structure the formula so that the calculation between the two dates exclude the non-working and holiday dates obtained from the above table.



  • Sean Morgan

    Hello @Chris Dijkstra ,

    If you were to use a Project Sheet, you could define in the Project settings what days are working days, as well as specific holidays. The Project Sheet's have a Duration Column that automatically calculates the Working days between two dates. Please see my example below:

    If you wanted to do this out with a Project Sheet, in your Sheet where you define Non Working Days, I would remove all the "Workdays", and just keep this column to show Non-Working Days/Holidays. Please see my below example.

    The Formula I used was: =NETWORKDAYS(Start@row, End@row, {NonWorkDays/Holidays Range 1})

    Here's my Sheet with the date range:

    Here's my Sheet with the list of Non-Work days, and Holidays:

    Let me know if you have any questions!



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