Project Plan - Settings, Turning off/on rows per selections

Hello All,

Looking to see if there is a setting/function to turn off/on specific rows or tasks in a project plan based on selections. I work with large plans for market launch. Depending on the market type, there may be deliverables that are needed or not needed.

Example - Can I select a project sponsor or market type in my template to turn on/off rows specific to the need of the project?

Thank you!

Kevin McPeek


  • Don C
    Don C Employee

    Hi Kevin,

    We don't currently have the functionality to turn off/on specific rows in a project plan, however please submit an enhancement request here when you have a moment.  

    You could view the specific rows or tasks in your project plan using sheet filters if you have a project sponsor column or market type column. This filtered view will display only rows which contain the project sponsor or market type based on the criteria you've set in the sheet filter.

    Please note that if you have predecessor relationships in your project sheet, the filtered view may cause some of these relationships to no longer display in the Gantt chart since it's possible those rows are no longer displayed in the filtered view.

    Let me know if this makes sense or if you need any additional help! If you need more help, it would be useful to know what you tried including any screen captures of your project sheet.



  • Hello Don,

    Thank you for following up with me.

    Is there a formula possible to select a a drop down value pre-assigned when selecting another column's drop down value?

    For Example,

    Column (x) has the Column properties below:

    Column (xx) has the column properties below:

    Is it possible to build a formula or conditional formatting that when "New State" is selected in column (X), range values or specific rows will select "Not Applicable" in column (XX)?

    Thank you,

    Kevin McPeek

  • Don C
    Don C Employee

    Hello @Kevin McPeek

    It is possible to use an IF function to have cells display specific values based on the logical expression you use in the IF function's logical expression.

    In your example above, you may have two columns called "X" and "XX"

    You can place a formula in the cells under column "XX" that will display "Not Applicable" if "New State" is selected in Column X in the same row. The formula could look like the following:

    =IF(X@row = "New State", "Not Applicable")

    Please note that if you manually choose an option from your drop down choices in the cell containing the formula, this may clear the formula from the cell moving forward.

    Let me know if you need any additional help and I'd be happy to assist!



  • Kevin McPeek
    edited 11/17/20

    Hello Don,

    This is great and works! If I wanted to make the New Entity and Partner market in the same formula, can you assist in how to add multiple?

    Here is my attempt, but I am likely missing something:

    =IF(Considerations@row = "New State", "Not Applicable") = IF(Considerations@row = "New Entity", "Not Applicable")

    Also, If I wanted to simplify, automate this even further for a Market Template, could I have a summary lines with a robust formula that would select all known rows based on the value selections. Example, I know rows 9, 43, 63, 226, 333 should be "Not Applicable" if a "New State"

    Having fun with this so thanks for the help/insight!


  • Don C
    Don C Employee

    Hello @Kevin McPeek

    Great attempt! It would be best to use a comma to add another IF function so the formula will check the logical expression of the next IF function if the previous IF function is not true based on the criteria you specify.

    For example,

    =IF(Considerations@row = "New State", "Not Applicable", IF(Considerations@row = "New Entity", "Not Applicable", IF(Considerations@row = "Partner Market", "Not Applicable")))

    You can also simplify this with an OR function

    =IF(OR(Considerations@row = "New State", Considerations@row = "New Entity", Considerations@row = "Partner Market"), "Not Applicable")

    I noticed from your screen capture that you may be using a Multi Select drop down column for the "Considerations" column, therefore if multiple selections are chosen and one of those is New State, New Entity, or Partner Market then you can use a combination of the OR function with the CONTAINS function to display the "Not Applicable". More about the CONTAINS function can be found here.

    =IF(OR(CONTAINS("New State", Considerations@row), CONTAINS("New Entity", Considerations@row), CONTAINS("Partner Market", Considerations@row)), "Not Applicable")

    Let me know if you need any additional help and I'd be happy to assist!



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