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Apparently SmartSheet is not as smart as Excel in the Goal Seek department. I don't see any feature that allows you to enter an intended value in a cell with a formula and have the package try different values in a dependent cell until it replicates the desired value. Can someone comfirm this is not an option in SmartSheet?

Any ideas for work-arounds?


  • Hello,

    Thanks for posting your question. As you have already noticed, Smartsheet does not have a "Goal Seek" functionality. I do recommend filling out our Enhancement Request Form here: Smartsheet Product Enhancement Requests for this functionality to be considered for development.

    As the Goal Seek functionality allows a User to insert specific "known variables" and then return the expected "unknown variable", it is not too far fetched to create a set of Formulas to perform these calculations. I've created the example below to demonstrate this:

    As you can see, we can solve for C, D, or the Total as long as at least two data points are provided. I do understand this may take some Algebra and setup but feel free to take it into consideration. It is important to note that this is limited to only solving one "unknown variable" as anything more may not be possible.

    I recommend reviewing our list of Functions: Functions List to assist you in building your formulas.

    I hope this helps!


  • Pavel
    Pavel ✭✭

    Hey team!

    I really appreciate it if you would implement this feature cause all my idea to transfer companies on the SS will be crashed cause I can not arrange the project justification stage based on SS functionality. There is no way to calculate IRR. 



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