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I am working to improve our project sheet. It is currently only able to be viewed in Grid view. It would be helpful to see in Gantt or Card view our teams timeline/schedule. This is a very large project sheet. I have a Start and End by Column with a Tech Assigned Column. Each Project (parent row) can have several sub projects (children). I currently am not using the predecessors column as some projects only have one task while others have up to 10. Tasks may be worked on in the same time frame. When I convert the duration to hours it shifts my end date forward. I ABSOLUTELY cannot have this as I need the projects done by the set end date.


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    Hi Tamara,

    As long as you have a start and end date columns in your project sheet and select the Gantt view, you will get another setting icon on the far right that can help you set which fields in your sheet relates to the Start Date, End Date, and if required the % Complete. If you do not want dependencies, you can uncheck the box and your duration column can just be there to capture the actual time spent by the assigned team member. Alternatively, you can also have the column named as Time spent or on those lines in addition to the Duration (which could be the planned time) to specify the time spent. This way, a change in Time spent column will not affect the end dates of the task.

    You can still have predecessors where two or more tasks start at the same time. All you need to do for that is to mention the row number that it is dependent on with a suffix as "ss" which means start to start.

    Let me know if this helps.



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