How do I exclude closed issues from chart?

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I have created a chart that displays all issues to date, but I need one that also shows only the open issues. How do I set that up in the metrics to display correctly in Smartsheet dashboard? The original reference is from a column with a dropdown that includes "Resolved/Closed" as a status.

See below (chart display includes all issues, but I want to exclude "Resolved/Closed":

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  • You can remove the resolve/Closed category from your data source. If that is a data that must be shown, you can dedicate a widget just for that data.

  • Hi Faria,

    Thank you for the response! Unfortunately, I cannot simply exclude it from my data source without a formula to do so. The display I want to show is from a column that includes the severity level (critical, high, etc.) of all the solution status items listed on the left (not started, IT review, etc.). For me to show only open items from that list, I need to remove "resolved/closed" from the column list (which is impractical).

    Below is the formula for displaying the severity level as a metric - I would like to know how to associate the "severity" level and the "solution status" columns and then exclude "resolved/closed" from the data set so that the chart only displays the severity level of open items versus all items in the severity column (which would include resolved/closed items).

    Essentially, how do I add and remove from the columns? Solution Status plus Severity (Test Master) minus "Resolved/Closed" from Solution Status options? Do you know how to adapt the formula to do exclusions from a column list?

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  • Hi Paul,

    That worked!! Thank you so much.

    Yours truly,

    Novice user :)

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