Same Formulas & Invalid Data Type

Ryan Nix
Ryan Nix
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I hit a bit of a snag and was wondering if anyone could help me out. I have this metrics table that I am using to create a roll up based on the root causes and the month it was created (image below)

Each of these cells has a roll up formula that's supposed to remain consistent:

=COUNTIFS($[Cause of aged ticket]:$[Cause of aged ticket], PARENT(), $[Ticket submitted date]:$[Ticket submitted date], MONTH(@cell) = $Month@row) + COUNTIFS({Root cause age}, PARENT(), {Ticket Submitted Date}, MONTH(@cell) = $Month@row)

For some reason, the "Mgt of vendor" column has an Invalid Data Type result. I can change it to something like "Process" and it'll match the process column but if I change it to "Management of vendor", or even change the formula to say "Mgt of vendor" instead of Parent(), it'll return the same error. Anyone have any thoughts on what I am doing wrong?

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