Matching Multiple Criteria to Populate a Specific Result



I need to match data in (2) columns that will populate a result in a 3rd column.

Columns I need to match data in: Type Column and PS Qty Helper Column

If Type Column is "SM" and PS Qty Helper Column is "Dual", I need "PS Qty Dual + SM" to Populate "1", so that we can then count all of the lines that have "1" to know how many we have that are both SM and Dual.

Ultimately, we want this data to be on our Sheet Summary "PS Dual + SM"

Its entirely possible I am way overthinking this ... so if there is a better/easier way, please let me know!

My test sheet is here:

Thanks in advance for the assist, and Happy Thanksgiving!

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  • Nancy Heater
    Nancy Heater ✭✭✭✭
    edited 11/25/20

    @Mark Cronk ... I think so, but when I'm trying to now count all of the instances of "2" in that column for my Sheet Summary, its saying #UNPARSEABLE.

    I feel like there should be an "easier" way to do this, perhaps.

    Is it possible to do a COUNTIF based off of (2) matching columns for the Sheet Summary data, without having to create all these other columns to get the end result?

    Example ... Count number of lines that have both PS Qty of 2 and Type of SM?

  • Nancy Heater
    Nancy Heater ✭✭✭✭

    Got it to work - thanks!

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