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I have a question on 'IF' 'OR' statements. I researched and created one that looks like it should work. I am trying to display a status field with 'Completed' or 'Cancelled' and I have the field to start with an auto-fill - from the form with 'In-Progress'. I tried making each statement in its own field to display separately, but that wasn't working and it was a mess. Then I found with 'OR' I could combine them all, and I get argument statement not found or data not recognized. Can someone help me with this? I was placing the below in a separate "function" column to hold this since I have the Status column auto-populating with 'In-Progress' from the form when submitted.

=IF([Item Ordered]@row= "1", Status@row, "Completed", IF(OR([Supervisor Review]@row = "Decline", [IT Approval]@row= "Declined", [Funds Certifier Approval]@row= "Declined", [Approving Official Approval]@row= "Declined", Status@row, "Canceled"))


  • Mark Cronk
    Mark Cronk ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Hi @christopher pedersen ,

    Tyr this in the status column:

    =IF([Item Ordered]@row= "1", "Completed", IF(OR([Supervisor Review]@row = "Decline", [IT Approval]@row= "Declined", [Funds Certifier Approval]@row= "Declined", [Approving Official Approval]@row= "Declined"), "declined", IF( |insert the criteria that results in a cancelled status | , "Canceled", "In-Progress")

    Set this as a column formula so it overwrites the form default. In fact, you can remove the form default because the formula creates an In Process status if none of the criteria are met.

    The formula looks at the item order column and if it equals 1 it makes the status Complete. If not, it looks at the supervisor, IT, funds certified, and approving official for a decline. If any declined then it makes the status Decline. You'll need to add the criteria that results in Cancelled. I couldn't tell from your formula. If none of the previous criteria are met then it marks the status In Process.



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