Python : Unable to import 'smartsheet' pylint(import-error) [1, 1]

Answered - Pending Review

I am new to the SmartSheet API and am writing my first Python program using the API. When I write my first line of code (i.e., import smartsheet), I receive the error message below:

Unable to import 'smartsheet' pylint(import-error) [1, 1]

I installed Smartsheet's Python SDK via the terminal without issue before I started coding. Is there another pre-requisite step that I need to complete in order for Python to find the smartsheet module?


  • Hi @tgaleza

    Have you gone through the steps listed on this GitHub page (here)? You'll want to make sure that you've set SMARTSHEET_ACCESS_TOKEN in your environment (sere here).

    If you've done this but you're still receiving an error, it's difficult to troubleshoot without seeing your code . I would suggest reaching out to Smartsheet Support directly (here) so that they can work with you one-on-one and you can share private information with them, such as screen captures or your exact code.



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