If formula using dates and adding to date

I need guidance on making a formula that takes a date and compares it to today and then adds a number of days to it based on difference.

If <30 add 15 If >30<45add30...


  • MeganM
    MeganM ✭✭

    The box would not let me finish the question. Basically, I need to take a date "3/22/21" from today which is 117 days out. If that number is greater than 60, I need to add 60 days to 3/22/21 if it were only 33 days out, I need to add 30days

  • Nicolás Trejo
    Nicolás Trejo ✭✭✭
    edited 11/30/20

    I believe this is what you need. I suppose you have a column named InitialDate with the date 03/22/21, for example.

    1) Create a column with type "CalculatedDate"

    2) formula --> = InitialDate@row + IF(InitialDate@row - TODAY() > 60, 60, 30)

    With the formula, you will add 60 days in case the difference between InitialDate and Today is greater than 60, or else you will add just 30 days.

    I hope that was helpful.

  • MeganM
    MeganM ✭✭

    Thank you! I will try. I have 4 options. 0-29 add 15, 30-44 add 30, 45-59 add 45 and add 60. How will that look at the end of that formula?

  • MeganM
    MeganM ✭✭

    This is what I entered based on my column names and I got an #invalid operation.

    =[Const Completion]@row + IF([Scheduled - Days Out]@row - TODAY() > 60, 60)

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