Can I derive a name from an email address?

Andrea Zenner
Andrea Zenner ✭✭✭✭✭
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I have a sheet that has a person's name as my primary column and their email address in a contact list column. I have them filling out a form with both pieces of information and people would really only enter one or the other. I need the email address to send notifications and I need the name so they look nice on the calendar on which they are used.

I tried this formula to parse a name from the email, but I get an Invalid Operation error and I can't find where my syntax is incorrect.

=UPPER(LEFT([Email Address]@row, 1)) + MID([Email Address]@row, 2, FIND(".", [Email Address]@row) - 2) + " " + UPPER(MID([Email Address]@row, FIND(".", [Email Address]@row) + 1, 1)) + MID([Email Address]@row, FIND(".", [Email Address]@row) + 2, (FIND("@", [Email Address]@row) - FIND(".", [Email Address]@row)) - 2)

Thanks much!


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