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I've been trying to figure out and find how I can count a certain date for tracking purposes. We need a daily report of the data we input everyday and I need to track how many times data has been gathered for each day.

And can the auto generated dates format be edited? For example, I don't need the time stamp, just the date for columns that are auto-numbered.

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  • Ma Beatriz Dizon
    Ma Beatriz Dizon Employee
    edited 12/07/20

    Hi @Mark Cronk , thanks for replying. I tried the DATEONLY function but once I press enter it says INVALID COLUMN VALUE.

    I'm not quite sure what I did wrong. Maybe I'm missing something, I just can't put my finger on it.

  • Ma Beatriz Dizon

    Thanks @Mark Cronk ! That definitely worked!

  • ika

    I entered this exact function =COUNTIF([Picked]:[Picked], =today()).

    Picked is an auto-generated date field.

    There are 17 rows with today's date.

    This formula returns an answer of 26.

    There are no blank rows.

    Why is this calculation wrong?

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