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I have a column labeled "Month Tenure" that has an outlier for of 215 which are the months that a staff member's been with the company, this staff member is on column labeled "Agents". Can someone please help me create a formula for this outlier?

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  • MCorbin
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    It might be helpful to have a picture of your sheet, and more description of what you're looking for in the formula.

  • As you can see on the column that's labeled "Month Tenure" there's an outlier amount of month shown for agent Claudia Reyes, and it's 218 months, when most other agent have a tenure of single-double digit months. On the bottom I would like to remove the outlier number, on an Excel spreadsheet the formula is listed as: =((SUM(D:D)-(VLOOKUP("Claudia Reyes",B:D,3,FALSE)))/COUNTA(D:D))/12, but I have the slightest clue as how to do it on a Smartsheet. I hope this makes sense.

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