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Can you give users edit permissions to a sheet but not have them view it?


I assume you cannot do this, but need to verify;


I want to send reports to various users with only their rows so they can update their part of the sheet. This report would have edit permissions.

I will create another report showing the entire sheet with view only permissions.


In order to update a the edit report, they must have edit permissions to the source sheet.

But I want to prevent anyone from accidently editing another's row. 


I want to give them access to the reports, but not a link to the source sheets.


Any ideas?





  • Shaine Greenwood
    Shaine Greenwood Employee
    edited 02/22/17

    Hi Clark,


    In order for users to see the report data, they must be shared on the source sheets.


    One idea is to simply instruct them to only touch the reports, giving the report a name specific to them can help them not access the source sheet.


    Another idea is to create update requests, but as you've found (from you other discussion), this is a manual process on your part unless you can build automation with our API or a third party app.


    Otherwise, you'll need to consider creating a separate sheet for each user, then you can create a report that pulls in everything for your own review. (Flipping your idea around.)

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