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Update request - can you use a formula to select which rows to update?

I'm working on plan "C" of my idea to enable users to update rows assigned to them without risking accidental changes to another user's row.


The update request is a powerful feature, but it requires manually maintaining row selection. 

On our sheets, the rows assigned to a specific user will change regularly.

I want to avoid having to manually update the row links for each of the update requests each week.


Is there a way to do a formuala for selecting which rows on an update request?

That way it could select all rows assigned to that user.


Any ideas are welcome.






  • Hi Clark,


    There isn't a way to create a formula that triggers update requests but I'll add your vote for this form of automation to our enhancement request list for further consideration.


    With that being said, you might consider exploring whether Zapier or Azuqua can automate this for you, as they're third party web apps designed to offer extended automation features.


    Otherwise, if you have development resources available, check out our API to see if you can have that automation built for you: https://smartsheet-platform.github.io/api-docs/

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