Using % Planned (completed in the automated Smartsheet Project Setting) and % completed


Hi All

Apologies if this is a little simplistic but.....I need to show % planned (ie planned time for completion), which is calculated by the project setting. I also need to show % Completed which will be a roll up of manually inputted %'s as we complete tasks (against all of the rows the project setting populates). This is to to show completion vs time planned.

Does anyone have a formula for calculating % Complete (which is effectively a duplicate of the project settings formula but with the tasks % completion being manually inputted)?

Thanks so much!!



  • Kevin St-Pierre

    Hi Rowan,

    If you have rows with Parent/Children relationships, you could simply put the following formula in the % Completed column of the Parent Row:


    This would calculate the value based on the percentages manually inputted in the underlying/children tasks.

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