Using smartsheet to book workspaces/meeting rooms

Hi there, I am looking to build some sort of process so that staff can book an allocated workspace as we start to return to working in the office post covid-19.

Currently staff are requesting access to the office through a form in smartsheet and someone gets notified of the new request and goes in to allocate a workspace and approve the request, however we would like to streamline this so staff have access to view what spaces are available and make a booking on their own. We have 19 workstations that we would be looking to have available to be booked.

Does anyone any advice on the best way forward?

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    Hi @Bianca Mitchell 

    am sorry for the delay, your booking workspace is ready

    1- The "Booking Workspace" database as the following screenshot

    2- The "Available Workspace" database to check if the Workspace is booked or not as following screenshot

    3- the formula for booking and check:

    A- Available column in "Booking Workspace" Database =INDEX({Available Workspace Check}, MATCH(Workspace@row, {Available Workspace WS-Range}, 0), MATCH(Week@row, {Available Workspace week-check}, 0))

    B- Check by day and week and workspace formula = =COUNTIFS({Booking Workspace WS}, "WS1", {Booking Workspace WEEK}, "W1", {Booking Workspace DAY}, Day@row), this for ( W1,WS1) for example

    C- The check by WS formula for each week = =IF(SUM([WS1]1:[WS1]5) > 5, "Booked", "Available")

    D- the automation the notify the Employee when booking a booked WS is update request the give the employee an option to change his booking ( screenshot ) show this automation:

    E- I create a form so each employee can book his WS for the hole month, by week and by day

    links to the sheets and form for you to test

    • Booking Workspace database

    . Booking Form

    . Available Workspace

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