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Alerts on tasks

Shifra Malka
edited 12/09/19 in Archived 2017 Posts

Hello Everyone


We opened a sheet of tasks for all employees.

How does anyone know when I give them a mission.

I know there are alerts , but is there anything automatically, as soon as I gave to someone task will he receive notifications about it ??


Thank you


  • Hi Shifra,

    I was just looking for a similar thing myself.

    It seems there's an outlook integration - I am going to check that out myself.


    kind regards,


  • You can right-click on the row and send an Update Request.  Not exactly what it was designed for but it's pretty quick and easy.


  • I have asked for this auto notify feature in the past. seems like a no brainer to me. II use the send row feature noted above as a work around.

  • Like Steve mentioned, I use the Send Update Request or Set Reminder features to accomplish that, but it's not as automatic as it seems you're looking for.

  • This was the first question I asked one of the representatives after using it for a while.  It is not currently possible, but hopefully if they have enough requests they'll prioritize it.  What I want it to to is essentially generate update requests based on filters or parameters similar to conditional formatting.  For example it would want it to run something like "Send update request to Assigned To on every friday at noon for all tasks with a status not equal to Complete."

  • Hello All—


    The functionality to alert people when they're assigned to a task is a feature we're currently developing.


    We're aiming to launch this feature this year and the end of Q1 or early Q2.


    To clarify, currently this is only for a conditional method of generating Notifications—not Update Requests at this time.

  • Bruno
    edited 03/18/17

    I have a sheet with all actions for my team.

    Each action is alocated to one of the team member

    I would like every member to receive a request to update their progress, automatically, and only their task (Not the full sheet)


    Is that possible?

  • Hi Bruno,


    It sounds like you're looking for an advanced Update Request feature, such that will automatically send people an Update Request that they can fill out once certain conditions are met in the sheet. We currently don't have this functionality but I'll add your vote for this to our enhancement request list for further consideration by our Product team.


    With that being said, you can create recurring Update Requests. This takes manual set up initially but will send recurrances automatically. More on Update Requests can be found in our Help Center: https://help.smartsheet.com/articles/504779-using-update-requests

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